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Fast and simple method to go out of stress.

Fast and simple method to go out of stress

How to go out of stress?

You need to relax…

ok, it sounds very simple…

But how can I do this?

The secret of total relaxation is hidden in our organism, in our body.

We have 5 types of senses. And they influence to us magical way!

  1. Touch

  2. Taste

  3. Hearing

  4. Vision

  5. Smell

When good influences for all 5 senses at the same time, automatically it helps you to enter in a good state and regenerate your energy.

Do you remember the moment, when somebody took your hand and started to do a slowly massage… or the moment, when you were relaxing in the spa.. how did you feel yourself?

Of course the sense of touch can give us a lot of pleasure and relaxation….

It is great if you can go to receive a massage once a week. It could be professional or you can ask your couple to do it for you.

What I teach in the workshops is to take care of yourself… then, you can choose the best essential oils for you and do the relaxing massage for yourself every day before go to sleep.

Another thing that satisfies our sense of touch is water. A hot bath or a normal temperature swimming pool, or the see…

The next sense is Taste. Normally people have an habit to satisfy this sense with food. And doing this, we start to damage and hurt our body, because often the food, that we like is not healthy. Try to find something healthy with a really good taste, for instance: fruits, nuts, sweets created with dry fruits, etc…

Hearing- play or listen the music that you like and that connects you with the good emotional states. Personally, I like to listen to Karuneesh, Deva Premal, sounds of nature, because for me, this music connectes me with my first experience with yoga and the state of love and harmony.

Vision. A lot of people feels relaxed by looking at the water or at the fire…

You need to choose the pictures you like to see, such as photos from your last trip, or photos from your wedding, pictures of the nature or the birth of your baby. Choose the photos, that help you to be relaxed and connected with the state of happiness and harmony.

A lot of woman like to see the magazines, because this helps them to relax. For example, I, don’t understand a lot in Spanish, but if I see the magazine, I take it due to the pictures inside… Beautiful landscapes or new style of clothings, colors, advertisement with good designs - this all helps to relax the mind.

When you spend a lot of time working and concentrating in something important repeatedly, then that is what gives you stress.

And the fifth sense- Smell.

The perfume industry is growing fast while they spend millions in order to satisfy this people sense by using naturals and chemicals ingredients…

Observing, how all this influences people, I started to create different compositions of essential oils.

And after that, I also created a natural perfume and oils for massaging. In the following article, I will explain you a little bit more about the influence of the aromas.

The best oils for relaxation are: lavender, orange, ylang-ylang, geranium, Ladan, Bergamot, Mandarin, Menta, Rosa, Marjoram.

You can put it to your aroma lamp, into the bath, or put few drops of essence on your pillow. then, your dreams will be very sweet and you will be able to rest completely.

Like this, you have to unite all 5 senses at the same moment: put a good smell into the aroma lamp and 5 drops of relaxing essentials into your hot bath, play some music that you like, prepare good food for yourself something that you enjoy, imagine yourself in a paradise and relax….

If you will start to do this ritual of relaxation, but continue to feel yourself empty, without energy- I invite you to look the video «How to recuperate your energy.Earth, Water, etc.» or come to the workshops where you will feel the results for sure.

All the best and see you soon!

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