August 3, 2015

In this note, I would like to share with you the meaning of different essential oils that I like to use for relaxation. I use it a lot in my daily life in aroma lamp. I feel, how all aura of my house became different with a smell of natural essential oils. I feel how change the state and energy of every person, who are at home in thas moment, breathing the air full of essence smell.

You can use it the same way or...

July 13, 2015

Fast and simple method to go out of stress

How to go out of stress?

You need to relax…

ok, it sounds very simple…

But how can I do this?

The secret of total relaxation is hidden in our organism, in our body.

We have 5 types of senses. And they influence to us magical way!

  1. Touch

  2. Taste

  3. Hearing

  4. Vision

  5. Smell

When good influences for all 5 senses at the same time, automatically it helps you to enter in a good sta...

In this video you can see and practice together with me one of the best exercises to recuperate your energy of the Earth- stability, prosperity and fertility. 

En este video estoy compartiendo con vosotros ejercicio con respiración y meditación para recuperar Energía de la Tierra - la estabilidad, la prosperidad y la fertilidad.

Aleksandra explica sobre Los 5 pasos del desarrollo evolutivo en Congreso Organizado y presentado por Cristian Raúl Zeballos ( E.T.I.k.A.) y en colaboración con La Caja de Pandora y Seres FM. En este primer congreso encontraras ponentes con diferentes conocimientos dando su visión del tema que han desarrollado, siempre en un enfoque de crecimiento personal, ayudando de esta manera a que tengas una perspectiva diferente de cono...

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