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Aleksandra Grace & Woman Development School "5 Stars" 

Aleksandra Grace


Liberatadora Consciensial, autor of  #health #love #consciense Programs

· Creator of the School for the Personal Development of Women"5 Stars"

· Master of Holistic Harmonization (People and Places)

· Psychologist,  Metaphysical practitioner  and Artistic Therapist


She works in depth relying upon rescue, regeneration and reprogramming of memories, as well as codes and female energy by using energy, psychosomatic and transpersonal techniques.


Aleksandra provides emotional consultations and  psychological coaching, as well as different types of diagnosis (chakral, talents assesments, finding onces mission in life, and relationship counseling,) through different techniques.



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The mission of the School is to help every woman to connect with her inner strength, developing all her personal and soul potential.


Each of us has felt at least once in our lifetime that we were capable of much more. Every woman is able to fulfill herself, be happy and shine like a true star but sometimes, life circumstances stray us away from our true path, causing us to forget who we really are.


Then we start looking for guides or teachers and try follow on their steps, inspired by their example. We are attracted by their beauty or charisma, by their wisdom and inner purity, by their originality or economic or social success ...

However, all superficial searches brings one disappointment after another. And we let ourselves to be carried along to relive past events over and over again!


For those who are wishing to escape from this vicious circle I invite you to undertake the journey towards the inner you, discovering your hidden store of strength ...!