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Aleksandra Grace

Liberatadora Consciensial, autor of  #health #love #consciense Programs


· Creator of the School for the Personal Development of Women"5 Stars"

· Master of Holistic Harmonization (People and Places)

· Psychologist,  Metaphysical practitioner  and Artistic Therapist

For years she has dwelled on and studied the deep-rooted connections between human beings and nature through drawing upon the primordial traditions.


She has specialized in the practice and study of the arts of femenine energy. She has created her own system and work methods for the  internal and external development of women, prevention of gynecological diseases, psychological and emotional support, transgenerational and transpersonal work, message to overcome stress, relationships theraphy.


Over the past five years  Aleksandra has held conferences, courses and therapies in different countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Russia and Spain.


She has participated in various international events, and has worked in projects involving social, scientific, spiritual and esoteric levels.

Aleksandra’s  therapy sessions are either individual or group sessions.


She works in depth relying upon rescue, regeneration and reprogramming of memories, as well as codes and female energy by using energy, psychosomatic and transpersonal techniques.


Aleksandra provides emotional consultations and  psychological coaching, as well as different types of diagnosis (chakral, talents assesments, finding onces mission in life, and relationship counseling,) through different techniques.


As spacial harmonizer, she performs studies of housing, workplaces and other places in order to harmonize and correctly guide the different aspects that bear upon everyday life.

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