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"5 Stars"

Development Women School




               DISCOVER  YOUR TALENTS...



The mission of the School is to help every woman to connect with her inner strength, developing all her personal and soul potential.


We help and guide women in order to:


- Respect and love herself, enjoying life,

   in the awareness that she is part of a larger whole  where female and male energies have its place.

- Be harmonic and free from manipulation and jealousy .

- Be free from all limitations and reconnect with her inner-self,  her true nature.


Alive, creative, happy, sometimes a bit crazy, but always wise and successful…


Mission and Programm of the School


Each of us has felt at least once in our lifetime that we were capable of much more. Every woman is able to fulfill herself, be happy and shine like a true star but sometimes, life circumstances stray us away from our true path, causing us to forget who we really are.


Then we start looking for guides or teachers and try follow on their steps, inspired by their example. We are attracted by their beauty or charisma, by their wisdom and inner purity, by their originality or economic or social success ...


However, all superficial searches brings one disappointment after another. And we let ourselves to be carried along to relive past events over and over again!


For those who are wishing to escape from this vicious circle I invite you to undertake the journey towards the inner you, discovering your hidden store of strength ...!


The school-based program consists of 5 Workshops-Sources in which women reconnects with their inner Fountains, strength and energy.

Each workshop lasts from 8 to 16 hours.

1) The Source of Life- reconnection with the power and purity of Water.

2) The Source of Knowledge - reconnection with the inner wisdom, Wood element.

3) The Source of Creativity - reconnection with the power of fire, creativity and freedom.

4) The Source of Abundance - reconnection with the earth, generosity.

5) The Source of Light – the woman-Empress, Metal element.

When a woman reconnects with her inner sources, her brightness increases and she shines through with the force of a Star. Upon completion of the program, once the reconnection with the five  inner sources has taken place,  women blossom to their full potential and shines with the power of the 5 stars.

The supplemental School program consists of 5-Thematic Workshops (3 hours each) to help reconnect with the five states of "inner woman," the one that we all have inside and stores everything necessary for our spiritual growth.

Each Source offers different states of Inner Woman:


1. Woman Alive and Fulfilled

2. Intuitive and successful Woman

3. Free and creative Woman

4. Woman Healthy and Bountiful

5. Woman-Empress

In this cycle of 5 workshops-sources and 5 Workshops-themes we connect with our inner sources and states.

This is the first level of the development of women in the "5 Stars" School.


Conecta con tu Fuente Interior

Duración: 8-16 h

La Fuente de la Abundancia
conexión "tierra"
La Fuente de la Luz
conexión "metal"


Conecta con tu Mujer Interior

Duración: 3 h

Mujer Saludable y Abundante
Mujer Emperatriz

Curso para formadores e instructores

semana santa 2016 inscripción abierta 

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