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Individual Sessions


Consultations. Pshycological and emotional support.   


Body-work. Yoga,  Somathics, Dance-Therapy.


Energetical diagnosis:

State and potential of your Chakras and subtle bodies,

Personal Relations,

Talents and Predestination,

Energetical state of your home or business.


The duration of sessions from 45min to 1.30h


Skype sessions available.

Energetical work


Harmonization and cleanliness of a place (home, workplace, etc.)


Energetical design and decoration of home, work place.etc


Invigoration and harmonization of the energetic consience of the person (Chakras) 


Harmonization and healing of the aura through vibra-resonance therapy with energetic and metaphysical practices. 


Cleaning of aura, chakras, organs, health rebuilding. 


Emotional liberation, childhood traumas, forgiveness and heart openning. Liberation of karmic ties.


Cleanliness of transgenerational memories. 


Sessions in a distance available


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